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Outdoor Adventures At Banana Moon Hyde

Outdoor Adventures At Banana Moon Hyde
We are lucky enough to have our nursery located at the heart of Hyde Park.
Hyde park provides beautiful scenery including streams, trees, a play area and lots of wildlife.
Our children at Banana Moon Hyde love to be outside climbing trees, splashing in the stream and most importantly having fun!!
There are so many benefits for children of all ages to spend as much time outdoors as possible, unfortunately this year has seen many challenges and this has had a wide impact on society as a whole. This has led to more people being extremely anxious and cautious about being outside in communal spaces such as parks. 
Being a nursery, which is based within the heart of Hyde Park we are extremely passionate about outdoor play and providing children with a wealth of experiences to promote all children’s learning styles and interests. We firmly believe that being outdoors is so important for all our children to assist in the development of curiosity and inquiry, this gives children a chance to connect and interact with their community and enables them to feel a sense of belonging. 
We are incredibly lucky that our nursery is based within a fantastic setting and all of our children get the opportunity to explore the park via our rambler’s clubs. Come rain or shine our children have the opportunity to explore and investigate the world around them. Our environment inspires our staff and children to venture outside no matter the weather kitted out in full waterproof suits and wellies which are perfect for splashing in muddy puddles on our wellie walks! 
Research has shown us so many benefits to spending time outdoors

Season changes
How exciting, our children are lucky enough to experience the different season changes in our beautiful park. We love to incorporate the season in our learning and development!

The benefits of exploring the outdoors:
Encourage children to take risks
support the Active learners
Promotes children physical development
Improves mental and physical health
Less illnesses in children
Good for children's well being
Experience in the community
Promotes children's social skills
Allow children to have some fresh air
Greater self-awareness
Helps children to sleep better at night
Enable children to care for the environment
Outdoor play provides children with greater freedom
Outdoor play s a fun way of learning.

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